MBI’s vision includes a local and an international vision

  • MBI’s local Vision is to maintain a steady growth and execute our strategy to become a distinguished & leading bank in Iraq by 2025 and encompass a regional presence
  • MBI’s international vision is to support to QNB to become the leading bank in the middle east, Africa and south Asia


To realize our vision; a pronged strategic Mission has been defined:

  • Protect MBI’s market presence as a domestic bank
  • Accelerate growth in our defined region and diversify our business in all aspects to cover regions, sectors, segments, products & services
  • Create a strong risk culture and proactively take risks that are acceptably rewarded in line with our objectives and vision
  • Focus on increasing our shareholder’s equity value & benefit from their value added
  • Implement our predefined corporate social responsibility as a major player in our society
  • Implement all Governance related mandate issued by CBI and the international standards
  • Focus on small and medium enterprises being one of the main pillars of the Iraqi economy at the same time the core target of MBI



  • To become Iraq’s first bank of choice for clients, talents, investors, and partners
  • A reputation of excellence and trust for our brand
  • Sustainable growth in profits
  • Competitive earnings for shareholders
  • Support SMEs as a key catalyst in the Iraqi economy and a focal objective for MBI
  • Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility of our Bank as an active “citizen” of Iraq
  • Commitment to Compliance and Governance