Mansour Bank has positioned itself as the partner of choice for top international, regional and local companies. With vast experience in various strategic projects, the Bank works with companies across sectors as a prominent financier in the Iraqi market. Mansour Bank also provides customized financing solutions to clients with differing requirements and mandates.

Your success is our priority. At Mansour Bank, we will provide you with a dedicated team of professionals – offering you the right products and advice for your organization, in addition to guiding you to make the right investments in domestic and overseas markets.

We also coordinate and work closely with QNB’s International Branches to provide added value to corporations in different time zones.

Corporate Services – Commercial Department:

The operation is managed by a team of relationship managers who are equipped with the cultural insights, knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the domestic market. The localized expertise available throughout the bank’s global network ensures that clients’ requirements are met

Our RMs are specialized and experienced in sectors such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Trade
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Services
  • Telecom
  • Technology

Our RMs also act as financial advisors to their customers and communicate with a network of experts at QNB who serve departments such as the Treasury, Investment Banking, Credit and Trade Finance divisions, as well as QNB international branches and subsidiaries, in order to carefully execute their clients’ needs.

Commercial Facilities

Overdraft Facility

Mansour Bank offers companies a credit line that is linked to their working capital account and will determine the best way to finance our customers’ activities and needs.

Mansour Bank offers a wide range of commercial loans – both short and medium-term, which fulfill the needs of the borrower, according to the activity practiced. The loan is repaid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual installments, as agreed upon between the bank and the customer.

Mansour Bank offers financial services for investment projects with competitive interest rates and favorable terms. 

Our solutions offer the flexibility, operational efficiency and streamlined processes that make corporate business dealings easier to undertake and faster to perform, locally and across borders.

Corporate Financing Solutions

Mansour Bank offers a comprehensive set of integrated trade finance services that are well-equipped to satisfy our clients’ trade financing needs and to capture cross-border and domestic trade flows. Our services are enriched by our global network, understanding of local markets and in-depth trade expertise, making us a reliable partner to clients worldwide.

Letters of credit

A written undertaking from a bank to make a payment to the beneficiary up to the amount stipulated, provided the terms and conditions of the credit are complied with.

Letters of guarantee

A written undertaking from a bank on behalf of the client, to pay a supplier or seller if the client breaches their contract.

Bills for collection

Handling documents forwarded by the remitting bank, in accordance with the instructions received, to deliver them against a payment, and accepting the Bill of Exchange or other terms and conditions.

Trade financing

Trade financing is a form of finance designed to bridge the gap between the time goods are purchased and the time they are sold by the importer.